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Robin Hood Airport acknowledges that noise remains the impact of greatest concern for local residents to Robin Hood Airport.  Robin Hood Airport have developed a Public Noise Complaints proceedure as approved by the Local Planning Authority to handle, monitor, investigate and report each complaint lodged by members of the public.

Lodging A Complaint

There is also a 24 hour answering service to lodge a complaint: 01302 623499, or alternatively write to:

Environment & Community Manager, Robin Hood Airport, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster DN9 3RH

or email

Please leave your name and address followed by the date of the disturbance, time and any other information to assist the investigation.


  1. The Environment and Community Manager will respond to the complaint in writing as soon as practical and within one month of the initial complaint being made, explaining the finding of the investigation and any actions taken.
  2. Monthly reports will be delivered to Doncaster Metropolitan Council and quarterly reports to the Noise Sub Commitee and Airport Consultative Comitee.  Also, a digest will be produced for the Community Sub Group.  The noise will also be reported in the Annual Report by Robin Hood Airport that is made publicly available. 

Noise Sanctions Scheme

Robin Hood Airport has implemented a Night Noise Sanctions Scheme as part of the Airport’s Quiet Operations Policy.  The scheme is designed to apply penalties to those operators whose aircraft when departing at the airport produce noise levels which are considered unreasonable having regard to the expected noise levels for that particular aircraft type.  The imposition of sanctions in the form of financial penalties is to encourage operators to ensure their aircraft are operated as quietly as reasonably possible, and to deter excessively noise movements.  Penalties generated from the scheme are donated to the Airport Community Investment Fund.

Noise & Track Keeping System

Robin Hood Airport have two fixed noise monitors located at Boston Park Farm to the north of the airfield and at the RAF Cadet Centre in Bawtry to the south.  The Track Keeping System combines the data from the two fixed noise monitors with radar data to accurately locate the flight path of aircraft and their noise level.