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Air Quality

The principle pollutants associated with the airport are:

  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (these give rise to nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Fine airbourne particles (PM10)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (a greenhouse gas, but not significant on a local level)
  • Hydrocarbons (HCs)

The principal airport related sources of these pollutants are:

  • Aircraft engines, including auxiliary power units
  • Surface vehicles, both airside and landside
  • Ground support equipment
  • Power and heat generation plant

The airport continually monitors Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels using passive diffusion tubes from seven locations around the airport site and one site next to the Air Traffic Control Tower in partnership with Doncaster MBC.  The (NO2) levels in the vicinity of the airport are difficult to aportion solely to aircraft emmissions alone as (NO2) is comprised from other sources principally road traffic and other industrial activities.  The airport reports air quality levels to the Airport Consulatative Committee (ACC) on an annual basis in the ACC annual report, now named Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Vehicle Emissions

There is a requirement for all airside vehicles to comply with MOT emissions standards under the Civil Aviation Publication 642 to qualify for an airside pass.  in addition to the regulations the airport has implemented an Air Quality Action Plan to minimise emissions.  The Action Plan sets out measures that will be employed to control the release of the above pollutants to mitigate the impact of the airport on air quality.

Last Call - Offset Your Carbon Emissions Now!

Robin Hood Airport and South Yorkshire Forest have joined together to give passengers the opportunity to contribute to their local environment and take a step towards off-setting the carbon emissions from their flight.

The new initiative know as ‘Last Call!’ provides passengers with the opportunity to contribute to their local environment before or after taking a flight from Robin Hood Airport by helping to plant trees in the nearby South Yorkshire Forest.

There are two ways in which passengers can support the scheme: either by donating money in the collection box which is located in the Departure Lounge or by contributing online at

Robin Hood Airport, part of the Peel Airports Group, is the first UK Airport Group to instigate such a passenger Carbon Sequestration Scheme and is looking forward to a long-term sustainable partnership with South Yorkshire Forest that will allow the scheme to grow in future years to come.

Contributions made by passengers will go towards planting trees to help absorb some of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their flight.  The Airport Company has also pledged to match passenger contributions made at the collection box, therefore doubling the amount going towards this worthy cause.

Visit to make your donation