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Drop Off & Pick Up

We make it easy for you ! 

Drop-Off & Pick-Up is located within the On-Airport Car Park. This is directly opposite the Airport Terminal and is ideal for both Dropping-Off & Picking-Up. 

The Drop-Off & Pick-Up area is clearly signed once you approach the main On-Airport Car Park. 

Stays of up to 15 minutes are FREE, with parking charges payable thereafter. Simply take a ticket on entry to the Car Park and if you stay longer than 15 minutes, payment can be made at one of the many Car Park Pay Stations.

All stays in this Car Park will be charged at the following rates:

Duration Tariff
Up to 15 minutes Free
Up to 30 minutes £2.50
Up to 2 hours £6.00
Up to 4 hours £12.00

Please note:

• For stays over 4 hours, the standard On-Airport Car Park rates apply

• It is not possible to pre-book a Drop-Off or Pick-Up space. 

• Pre-booked reservations are only available for a minimum period of 24 hours.

• All rates are subject to change.

• One free period per vehicle is permitted, with no return within 6 hours.

We would request all passengers to use the Drop-Off & Pick-Up facilities that are provided.

We ask all users of the Airport not to Drop-Off, Pick-Up or wait in their vehicles in unauthorised areas. This includes all the approach roads leading to the Airport Terminal where double yellow lines are clearly visible.  This may pose a risk both to the safety of passengers and that of other road users, as well as causing congestion and disruption to traffic. In such unauthorised areas, enforcement action may be taken which is outside of the control of Robin Hood Airport.

For the safety of all Airport users, please only use the designated Airport Car Park and remember that the first 15 Minutes is free of charge !


The Drop-Off & Pick-Up Area of the On Airport Car Park is a 2-3 minute walk from the Terminal.

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