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Car Parking Terms




Entry to or use of the car parks at ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT DONCASTER SHEFFIELD (“the airport”) is subject to the current terms and conditions of Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited (“the Company”) and the airport byelaws regulating the use and operation of the airport and the conduct of all persons while within the airport. These conditions contain limited exemption clauses affecting all persons who enter or use the car parks. Copies are available for inspection on request.

Entry to and use of this car park is entirely at your own risk. Customers are requested to read carefully the terms and conditions of entry to and the use of the car parks and to follow the procedures recommended in those terms and conditions which are for their benefit. Should you wish to make a complaint, you are requested to follow the complaints procedure set out in Condition No 6 which will ensure that your complaint is brought promptly to the attention of Company staff.



1.1 is owned by ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT DONCASTER SHEFFIELD, of Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited registered in England under number 03693604 at the following address: Peel Dome, The Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8PL.

1.2 Bookings can be made by persons aged 18 years or over.

1.3 You are entering into a contract with Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited for car parking ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT DONCASTER SHEFFIELD, UK for the period confirmed in the online booking process comprising a series of calendar days or part thereof for the dates set out in your booking confirmation. The date of the contract is the date and time of confirmation of the booking as stated on the booking confirmation page and contained in the Booking Confirmation Email sent to the address entered and confirmed by you during the online booking process on the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield website.

1.4 A minimum charge applies to all bookings.

1.5 Bookings must be made no later than 6 hours before arrival. All car park bookings are subject to availability and Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited reserves the right to withdraw availability at its entire discretion for a given car park on a given date.

1.6 The price you pay is the price accepted and confirmed by you during the online booking process. All prices are in pounds sterling and include Value Added Tax and all applicable taxes. The price you pay is fixed for the stay duration between the car park arrival and car park departure dates and times that you have booked. The booking is valid for a single park entry and exit during the dates you have booked.

1.7 You must not resell or transfer any booking (in whole or in part).

1.8 Your booking is only valid for your designated car park. Any additional charges incurred as a result of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions or use of a different car park will not be refunded.

1.9 You are consenting to receive information from Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited related to your purchase. Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited may also contact you by email and post with relevant marketing offers, latest news and airport information. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications, you will be given the opportunity to opt out on receipt of marketing emails. All personal data is kept in accordance with the airport’s Privacy Policy.


2.1 Payment must be made in advance and online. Payment may be made using one of the following payment cards; Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Solo; Switch, American Express, Electron. We reserve the right not to fulfil your booking if your card is declined for any reason or if the payment card has been used fraudulently or without the cardholder’s permission or if you are under the age of 18. It will be necessary for your personal data to be disclosed to the relevant card issuer for the purpose of processing and confirming your payment. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties other than the financial institution for the chosen payment method.

2.2 When you have completed your booking having entered the start and end dates for which car parking is required, we will send you a written confirmation of your booking by email to the address entered by you. You are responsible for supplying a valid email address. Doncaster Sheffield Airport Limited cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to transmission failure.

2.3 If you fail to collect your vehicle on the booked return date and time you will be responsible for all additional fees and charges which will be levied at the prevailing tariff for the relevant car park.


3.1 Subject to Paragraph 3.2 below, you can cancel the contract no later than 24 hours prior to the car park arrival time by visiting and following the online instructions. You will receive written confirmation of the cancellation to the e-mail address stipulated. No cancellations or refunds are permitted after this time.

3.2 Certain promotional products cannot be cancelled or refunded. If a booking cannot be cancelled this will be specified on the booking page of our website.


Customers are asked to remember that a public car park is open to everyone. The Company and its servants or agents reserve the right to refuse admittance to the airports car parks but the Company cannot therefore guarantee the security of your vehicle or its contents.


Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you use this car park on condition that the Company, its servants or agents, will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any vehicle or its contents or any property whatsoever other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its or its servants or agents part.


5.1 Entry to and egress from the car parks should be obtained only through the designated entrances and exits and along designated routes.

5.2 Customers should park vehicles only within designated bays, within authorized areas and so as not to cause obstruction.

5.3 Bays reserved for disabled drivers should be used by disabled drivers only and vehicles parked in such bays must display appropriate disabled badges/windscreen stickers.


Should your vehicle suffer damage whilst in the car parks or should you lose the vehicle or any of your possessions from the vehicle whilst it is in the car parks, you are requested:

  • to immediately to inform a member of the Company’s staff at the Information Desk of the occurrence and also;
  • in case of theft, immediately to inform the Police and
  • to notify your insurers promptly.

If you consider that you have a claim against the Company you must, within 72 hours of discovery of the loss or damage, give written notice providing full details of the occurrence to the Customer Services, Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, Heyford House, First Avenue, Doncaster, DN9 3RH.

Before submitting a claim to the Company, customers are requested to check Condition No 4 and to satisfy themselves that the subject matter of their claim falls within the Company’s areas of responsibility.


Unless requested by the Company or one of its employees for reasons not to do so, please ensure that before you leave the car park:

  • your vehicle is fully and securely locked
  • that all windows and the sunroof of your vehicle are securely closed
  • if your vehicle is fitted with a steering lock or similar device that it is engaged.


8.1 Wherever possible please take your possessions with you when you leave your vehicle

8.2 If you have to leave possessions in your vehicle, do not leave them where they are visible and ensure that they are as secure as possible.


Should you damage another customer’s vehicle you are requested to report the matter immediately to a member of the Company’s staff at the Information Desk and give them the registration number of both vehicles. Please remember that your car may one day be damaged so please do as you would be done to.


10.1 Please drive carefully in the car parks and obey the directional signs. Vehicles should not be driven at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour.

10.2 After you have parked your vehicle please proceed to the nearest exit ways which are signposted. Do not wander about in the car park and keep a careful eye on your children and do not permit them to play in the car parks.

10.3 Any caravans or large vehicles should report to the Information Desk and ask for a member of Company staff. Such vehicles should not attempt to enter or exit from the car parks without a staff member being present and without the authority of such staff member.


11.1 The ticket issued is available only from the vehicle in respect of which it is issued. A ticket, including a season ticket, does not entitle the customer, unless otherwise specified, to any space in the car park or to priority over other customers. A season ticket is the property of the Company to which it must be surrendered upon expiration or misuse.

11.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse to release any vehicle except on production of the parking ticket until it has made such enquiries as it considers reasonable. Failure to produce your ticket will therefore delay your departure.

11.3 Customers who cannot produce their parking tickets on departure will be charged according to the current airport tariffs details of which can be obtained from the Information Desk.

11.4 In the interests of security tickets should not be left inside vehicles.


Persons who enter in to a contract with the Company for the parking of a vehicle at the car park, whether by purchasing a ticket or otherwise, do so on behalf of themselves and all other persons having any proprietary possessory or other financial or material interest in the vehicle and its contents.


13.1 If a breach or infringement of any of these terms and conditions is committed by the user of the car parks then the Company, or its servants or agents may at any time in their absolute discretion immobilize any vehicle by means of a clamp fitted to a wheel of the vehicle.

13.2 The clamp will be removed from the wheel of the vehicle upon payment of a charge as determined from time to time by the Company.

13.3 The Company its servants or agents will not be liable for any damage caused to a vehicle as a result of a clamp having been fitted to the wheel of the vehicle, other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on the part of the Company.


14.1 The Company reserves the right to move any vehicle within the car park by driving or otherwise to such extent as the Company, its servants or agents, may in the exercise of its reasonable discretion think necessary to avoid obstruction or for the more efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the car parks and it will not be liable for any damage caused to any such vehicle or property other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its part.

14.2 The Company additionally reserves the right where the car parks have to be closed either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or have to be evacuated in cases of emergency, to remove any vehicle at any time to any other reasonably convenient car park within the control of the Company and it will not be liable for any damage caused to any such vehicle or property other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its part.

14.3 The Company reserves the right for it or its agents or the relevant Police Authority to move or remove any vehicle to safeguard any person or property against injury or damage or in the event of an actual or perceived threat to security and to remove vehicles which are, or appear to be, stolen or abandoned.


A vehicle in the car parks may be subject to a lien for all charges due or accruing from the customer to the Company, and a general lien for all and any monies from the customer to then Company such lien to be in existence whenever the vehicle is in the car parks notwithstanding that it may from time to time have been removed for the car parks. If the said lien is not satisfied by the payment, within 30 days of notice given by the Company of its intentions to sell the vehicles in default of payment, the Company may sell the vehicle by auction or otherwise and the proceeds of sale may be applied in and towards satisfaction of all same owing to the Company by the customer together with the expense of the sale and in connection with such sale the Company shall be entitled to charge reasonable garage charges in respect of the period during which the vehicle is in the possession of the Company. Any balance of purchase price remaining after satisfaction of such sums shall be held by the Company on behalf of the registered owner of the vehicle. Notice of intention aforesaid shall be deemed to have been properly and sufficiently given by the sending of written notice by prepaid post, addressed to the registered owner at his last known address, whether or not the same is actually received.


The user of the car parks agrees to indemnify the Company in respect of any claim by a third party arising out of the use of the car parks by the user his servants agents or passengers or arising out of any act or omission whatsoever other than claims which are attributable to wilful misconduct or negligence on the part of the Company.

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