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WiFi & Internet Access

Internet Access

There are a number of pay-as-you-go internet kiosks located throughout the terminal. These are situated both before and after Security.


Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield has introduced WiFi Access for its passengers.

If you have a WiFi (or Wireless LAN) enabled device such as a laptop or PDA, you can now access the Internet wirelessly at Robin Hood Airport.

In partnership with the Airport’s communications expertise, Peel Telecommunications Limited, Internet access is provided by The Cloud, Europe’s leading WiFi network operator.

WiFi is about giving you the freedom to work, play and stay connected wherever you are and whatever you do. Go Wireless to chat, surf, download, email, listen, share, watch and much, much more. WiFi provides fast, reliable and convenient Internet access within range of a hotspot.

How Do I Get Online?

For further information about how to get online please visit and select ‘WiFi’ followed by ‘How to Connect’.

* Note that these facilities are provided by third parties, and Robin Hood Airport is unable to take any responsibility should these facilities be unavailable at the time of your visit. If you are required to check-in and/or print your boarding card before your flight, we strongly recommend that you do this prior to arriving at the airport.