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Passenger Information

The information contained in this section offers all passengers the guidance and information they need to make their passage through Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield a quick, hassle-free and enjoyable one.

Checking In

The flight information display screens, located in the main concourse, indicate the appropriate check-in times for your flight number. Flight tickets and passports/photographic I.D will be checked, ‘hold’ baggage weighed an labelled, and a boarding card issued.

You will require your boarding card to proceed through security points and when purchasing goods from the tax and duty free shops. You will also need your passport and boarding card when boarding the aircraft at the gate indicated.

Check-in times vary from 3 hours to 40 minutes depending on the airline that you are travelling with, however we would recommend that you check-in at least two hours before departure. Please confirm your check-in time with your travel agent or airline in advance.

Check-in, ticket sales and reservation desks for all airlines are centrally located in the main concourse. Flight information is displayed throughout the terminal building on monitors.

Extended check-in times during Winter 2013/2014

Check-in times during the Winter season are as follows:

  • Thomson - 3 hours to departure except the 06:00 departure which will be 2.5 hours to departure.
  • Wizz Air - 2.5 hours to departure
  • Ryanair - 2 hours to departure

Ticket Desks

All ticket desks are situated on the left hand side on the main concourse.


Once you have checked in for your flight, you should proceed to the First Floor via the esculators or lifts to the Departure Lounge via passport control.

Before entering the Departure Lounge all passengers must pass through security. Here, your boarding card will be inspected and you will be required to go through security screening. All hand baggage and coats will be passed through on an X-ray scanner and should be kept to a minimum.

See Items Not Permitted below

Security checks are subject to change.

Baggage Security

NEVER leave baggage or personal belongings unattended in or around the terminal, as they will be removed and may be destroyed. Please be sure baggage checked in or taken with you on your flight belongs only to you.

Do not accept parcels or packages that belong to others (even friends), unless you can check the contents yourself. In the event of a passenger carrying an item for another person, this information must be declared.

Remember, never leave your baggage in the care of a stranger and always put your name and address on a label ‘inside’ your baggage.

When asked questions about your baggage, you must answer carefully and clearly. In the UK, it is now an offence to give false answers to such questions. Even the most casual remarks may be treated as a real threat and will brought to the attention of the police.

Items Not Permitted

Please note that security restrictions are subject to change and Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield recommends that passengers consult their airline/tour operator before travelling for the latest information.

The list below is an example of items which are not permitted on board an aircraft:

For safety reasons, the following items must not be taken onto the aircraft:

- Liquids*

- Lighters (only 1 per person permitted)

- Lighter fuel

- Ammunition

- Gas cartridges / refills

- Firearms (including toy guns)

- Paint

- Knives

- Acid

- Mercury

- Explosives

- Weapons, or items that could be used as a potential weapon

*Liquids - Some liquids are allowed through security, however, there are restrictions on the quantity that can be taken through.

Note: Carrying dangerous goods on-board an aircraft is an offence and may be subject to a penalty.

A full list of restricted items can be obtained from your airline/tour operator, or for the latest information, you may wish to check with the Department for Transport at

Tourist Information

The Tourist Information Centre can be found on the Airport’s main concourse alongside the Airport Information Desk. The area contains information on where to visit and accomodation in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.